5 centuries of winemaking Heritage

Poland has a rich tradition 
of producing fruit wines
 which dates back (written in chronicles)
 to the 15th century. Historically, it dates back even a few centuries BC, to the Celtic tribes producing wine from apples.
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We Believe In fruit wines
That Tastes Incredible

We are convinced that our fruit wines are not only able to outweigh the taste of grape wines, but also are abundantly rich in healthy ingredients, which make drinking wine take on a completely new context …

Heritage Of Poland Cherry - fruit wines from Poland

Cherry wine

Sweet cherry fruit wine with a sour-tart aftertaste and slightly tannin. Among the various vitamins that can be found in cherries, the first place is occupied by vitamins C and PP and the noteworthy presence of group B vitamins. Recommended for heart and circulatory diseases, liver and kidneys, the more acidic cherry varieties, which also improve appetite and regulate digestion.

Black currant wine

The climatic conditions of Poland and the natural richness of blackcurrant fruit make the wine have a unique taste and aroma. Black currant fruit contains  vitamin C, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, H, PP, fiber, pectins, flavonoids, organic acids, Ca, Fe, Mg. The fruits of this currant are used for rheumatism, rheumatism, diarrhea, liver disorders, physical and nervous exhaustion. 

Strawberry wine

Strawberry aroma, refined taste, and pleasant, but not dominant sweetness, closed in a bottle of traditional Polish strawberry wine. Few people realize that strawberries contain more vitamin C than lemon. It is also full of vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin PP, as well as iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. Thanks to the large amount of flavonoids, they also support potency.

Our Story

Above all, we are passionate about good wine, but also great lovers of the somewhat complicated history of our country.

After several years of experience in the production and export of Apple Paple apple wines to almost the whole world, we decided to return to the roots of Polish fruit winery.

For several years, we collected and recreated old Polish fruit wines recipes to present them to the world in a modern, contemporary setting. In the end it succeeded – our wines again won the hearts of our customers.

We hope you like them too. It’s not over yet. We plan to use more Polish fruits and more delicious wines.

Fresh, Polish fruits

Poland is famous for its fruits. Is one of the largest producers of apples, cherries and blackcurrants in the world. They win markets not only for growing in ecologically clean regions of Poland, but also for their unprecedented multiplicity of varieties, including very old and occurring only locally in Poland. And of course the most important – taste. You won’t find such a taste anywhere else!

Special pro health wines for China market

With the help of co-financing from European Funds, we have prepared special products for the Chinese market. These are “functional” fruit wines with natural health-promoting additives. It is a strawberry wine for heart support and a cherry wine for skin health. This is the result of market research work, a carefully prepared strategy and our several years of experience in the Chinese market.

Heritage of winemaking
in Poland

In 5 centuries of wine tradition, the Golden Age of fruit wines production in Poland is the 20th century. At that time, there were over 30 large producers of wine, cider and fruit tinctures. Wines have won the highest prizes at international competitions.

Wines were an export product sold to such countries as the USA, Japan, Canada, England and many others.

“Jastków” occupies one of the foremost places in the history of our domestic wineries. It received the Grand-Prix for its products at the trade fair in Firenze in 1929 as well as in Nice and Milan in 1930.

Robert Wieprzkowicz

Robert Wieprzkowicz


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